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Do you want to help heal & support your loved ones? Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 courses will go a long way to help...

You do not need to have any experience with Reiki or healing.

Easily learn to do Reiki in one day, money back guaranteed.

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Do you feel you are ready for stronger Reiki?

This is understandable sometimes you just want to work more powerfully and quickly.

Reiki 3a (A.R.T.) & Karuna Reiki courses give you noticeably stronger Reiki than the preceding Reiki levels.

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Do you want to use the strongest Reiki available? The pure and beautiful Joti Reiki is your best bet for helping the most serious problems

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 If  you want to teach Reiki, perhaps to help your family or maybe to start a business. Take the Reiki Mastership.

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I really enjoyed learning Reiki with Noriko and Tim. They addressed all my questions and I now have the confidence to use Reiki on myself and to help others. 

Now I am doing Reiki on family & friends & I am seeing great results.

Great Reiki courses, I would recommend them to anyone!

Michelle Thompson, Sydney
Channeling You will receive guidance and loving advice from Sananda to help keep your life on track. Your most difficult ailments and relationship issues can be resolved ... Read more
Tim Budden and Noriko Kawamura

See all the latest issues on Reiki and healing in general. Gain insights and give your opinions. Encounter other people's experience with healing... Read more

Holographic healing "Holographic Healing" is a system that was developed through countless channelled readings for numerous clients. It is now available on CD as part of a book & CD set. It enhances Reiki or any other healing modality... Read more
To find out more about this channelled book  and healing system...